The training for Grandmas begins

Training for Grandmas Marathon has finally begun. Monday started off with a 5k speed run that I just did on the treadmill since it was cold and snow-covered outside.  I was very surprised  I was able to kick out 3.2 miles at 8.9 miles per hour after taking it easy for the last month as I recovered from my pacemaker replacement surgery.  It was actually faster than I would have been able to run at this time last year.   I left the gym feeling really good about kicking off the training schedule so strong.  The next day I went to the gym for my total body work out with Tony.  This was a little harder and I must admit I really felt the Pectoral Fly exercise since I shied away from using these muscles as they had been cut through to replace my ICD  the month before.  I left the gym feeling pretty good about the work out, but also knew I would have some muscle complaints the following day once the delayed onset of muscle soreness set in.  This Total Body Heavy workout consisted of:

High Step Ups                             (2×15)    each leg, BWO

  1. 1 leg machine press          (2×15)   160# each leg
  2. dead lift, power clean      (2×15)    115#
  3. Pulls downs                           (2×15)   50#
  4. Seated Rows                         (2×15)  85#
  5. Stiff Arm Pull Down         (2×15)   40#
  6. Military Press                      (2×15)   30# dumb bells
  7. Bicep Curls                            (2×15)   47.5#
  8. Triceps Push Downs         (2×15)  37.5#
  9. Chest Press                           (2×15)  40# dumbbells
  10. Incline Press                         (2×15) 35# dumbbells
  11. Dumbbell Fly’s                    (2×15)   20# dumbbells

Waking up the next morning, I wasn’t very surprised to find both my pecs and hamstrings were sore but I a long snowmobile ride with some friends planned so I was in a hurry to get my training schedule run for the day out of the way so I could go snowmobiling.  As soon as I work up, I threw on my running gear and headed out the door …without bothering to look at current weather conditions.  As I walked out I saw over two inches of fresh heavy snow had fallen during the night and was covering everything.  It was beautiful and great conditions for my planned snowmobile ride but not the best for an simple 7 mile run since heavy and wet snow makes for a slippery run.  It felt like I was running in sand and didn’t take long for my calves to start protesting and soon I could feel every muscle I worked the day before begin to complain. By the time I made the half way point and turned around (3.5 miles), I had very little energy left and some pretty angry and protesting muscles.  I was pushing pretty hard and for the amount of intensity I was experiencing I was very surprised my pace was much slower than expected.   According to a glance at my Garmin 220 Forerunner, I was only averaging around a 10 minute mile and normally that is very easy for me. Despite the fact I felt like I was running at race pace the reality was everything was happening in slow motion.  By the time I finished the run, the thought of snowmobiling wasn’t looking nearly before my body became a bucket of protesting noodles but turning down a snowmobile ride with friends isn’t something I would ever do.  So I took a quick shower, rested for  half hour while  I drank a giant green smoothie, and then headed out to the garage where I suited up and pulled out on my snow machine.  Once on the machine, I realized even more just how unhappy my legs where.  Normally I ride hard and fast and this requires me to be able to get on my feet fast to absorb the bigger bumps and jumps but going from a seated position to a standing position now was a lot of work!  I did my best to take it easy and hung with the pack for about 100 and some miles but still didn’t enjoy the really rough sections which I normally blow through much faster but overall it was a good ride. Once the sled was back in the garage, I was in the house sleeping like a baby within about 15 minutes and dreaming about my workout with Tony in the gym the next morning.


Thursday’s scheduled training was a Full Body/Light workout, and driving to the gym I was really wondering if I would get through it. I was felt really worked over at this point. I was now feeling  not only  Tuesdays gym session and Wednesdays run on fresh snow, but now the sled ride from yesterday was helping to make everything feel further fatigued and abused.  Upon arriving at the gym and telling Tony how tired I was, he tried to reassure me, explaining that a light full body workout was actually going to help my feel better. Once I warmed up and got started, it did feel better and I was able to get through the workout without issue, although I still felt sore and fatigued.  Here is what Thursdays Full Body workout consisted of.

Thursday’s workout, Total Body light

  1. Incline Machine Press                          (2×20) 65#
  2. Military Machine Press                       (2×20) 80#
  3. Machine Pulldowns                               (2×20) 95#
  4. Bicep Bar Curls                                        (2×20) 45# bar
  5. Triceps Bar Extensions                       (2×20) 45# bar
  6. Kettle Ball Squats                                  (2×20) 65# kettle ball
  7. Good Mornings                                       (2×20) 45# bar
  8. Stationary Lunges                                 (2×20) Body Weight Only
  9. Decline Sit Ups w/ball, Rotary       (2×20)

This workout wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, and like Tony had said, some of the stuff actually seemed to make my sore muscles feel better.  The rest of the day I spent at work sitting behind my desk, so I felt pretty good by evening and was starting to get excited about snowmobiling  the following day.

Fridays are rest days on my training schedule, and since the snow conditions and trail conditions were so good I planned on using it to ride with some friends for a couple hundred miles down to the North Shore and back.  I was somewhat still tired from the last four days, but the first hundred miles or so I felt great and was able to really tear up the snow in the tight twisty bumpy sections leaving everyone in the dust.  But as the day went on the sled traffic got really heavy and the trails started to deteriorate along with my muscles. Little by little the hard riding and rough trails were wearing me down.  About that time I came into a corner a little too fast and couldn’t hold on to the corner, sending me and my machine deep into the woods. Other than a headache, broken helmet shield and a fat lip, I didn’t get very banged up but my machine was severely stuck and I could see I was going to get a good work out trying to retrieve it. Thankfully there was so much snow, that it softened the blow to my sled and so there wasn’t any damage.  After digging, pulling, yanking and digging some more, (fortunately now with the help of others that stopped to help), me and my machine were back on the trail leading the pack home.

Saturday was my first scheduled long run, and thankfully since it’s the beginning of the schedule, my first long run was only 10 miles. My wife and I decided to join the local running club a couple months back and today they were having a run with a few people doing 10 miles we decided to go meet all the runners in the club and tag along for the 10 mile run. I didn’t have anything that felt sore at this point, but I didn’t exactly feel like I had much energy either. I fell in behind a couple runners that were running a very steady nine minute pace. The sun was out, and this was the warmest day we have had here since spring. I was finally running on dry pavement, but was a little over dressed for the warmer temps. By mile 7 or 8, I once again could feel all the muscles that I beat up at the gym earlier in the week. I was still maintaining a 9 minute pace, but I felt like I was running with everything I could muster to maintain it. Normally I can hold that pace without issue, and for further than 10 miles. By the time I finished my run, I was looking forward to just resting and nothing more until I start all over again on Monday. The rest of Saturday and all day Sunday were well needed rest days and this time I used them just for that purpose, hoping to start the following week strong once again.

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