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Thankful for my ICD

I am excited to report the foot injury that kept me from running most of the summer is on the mend. I managed an easy/slow 6 miles this morning without issue and was even able to crank up the pace a bit on my last mile without the foot becoming angry… Nothing makes my heart feel stronger and happier than being able to charge up that last hill while holding onto a 7:45 pace for the last mile… It felt so GOOD… Wish I could share that feeling with everyone.
I am headed off grid first thing in the morning for my annual Isle Royale fishing adventure. (Isle Royale Adventure 2117)Hoping to get a short trail run in while on the Island… Of all the national parks here in the USA, this is one of the most remote, least traveled/visited, and by far my favorite. This late into the season, there are zero services available on the island along with zero cell phone coverage. Its a 70-mile boat ride with a lot of big water and places to fish between the mainland and the campsite. 
Running in remote locations like Isle Royale make me GLAD to have a Medtronics ICD… Another cardiac arrest out there in the wilderness would be the end of me without this thing for sure… Stay tuned for MORE BIG fish pictures along with a trail report from Isle Royale Adventure, 2018…