Pottengers Cat Study

How many have read about the Pottenger Cat Study…? I find it interesting and thought I would share this article as I revisited and read through it again tonight. By sharing, I am in no way suggesting we as humans should eat only raw food since I could make arguments for both raw and cooked food, and also understand our physiology is not the same as a cat.

Some of the nutrient’s humans require are in fact absorbed better after cooking, while some nutrients and enzymes are ruined by heat. Therefore, I personally believe a combination of both cooked and raw food is needed for optimal/outstanding human health.

What I find most interesting about Pottengers study isn’t the difference between raw food and cooked food, but instead, the way that for each subsequent generation of cats, their health became more compromised and this fact manifested in not just one, but many different types of chronic disease, even though the cause was the same. The cats died from many different diseases, including heart disease.

I wonder if we as humans have a very similar thing going on, except our problem isn’t the difference between cooking the food or eating it raw, instead, our problem is we are eating “fake” food instead of “real” food…?

By fake food, I am talking about foods that have been stripped of their nutrients during the different phases of growing, harvesting, processing, packaging, shipping, ect. Pasteurization, toxic sterilization techniques such as radiation along with herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, growth hormone, antibiotics, genetic modification, and so on…

Soils stripped of nutrients by greedy corporate farming practices, leaving the soil heavily laden with synthetic/chemical fertilizer instead. So much of the food the world is eating today is dead. Dead, in that most of the nutrients have been stripped away or killed, leaving behind transformed substances toxic to human health.

The number one thing anyone can personally do to improve  compromised heart function, or any chronic disease for that matter, is too make sure they are eating real food. Know the origin of your food and know/read the ingredients. If you do not know what a certain ingredient is, look it up. Eat organically grown, or grow your own if possible. Farmers markets/small local farmers are also a great place to find real food. The food you eat is responsible for the state of your health.

Every time I buy groceries, I am in fact voting with my grocery money and I will always vote for the healthiest most nutrient dense foods possible. If everyone bought only real food, together, our grocery money would change the world…


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